Let’s explore Italy!


ROME2Rome has so many things to see that I would recommend you to spend more days enjoying it. But what if you can’t spend more than 24 hours in the Eternal city? Is it possible to visit everything? It is, although it can be crazy. But I’m also crazy and I did it. Let me tell you how to visit Rome in one day. Read more.


LAGO DI COMOA place where nature meets luxury, where every drop spreads glamour. Discover the paradise at the feet of the Alps. Surrounded by many small traditional Villages, Lago di Como will take a piece of your heart. Discover the best route to enjoy this magical place. Read more.


florenceFlorence is a city with so many attractions that will surprise everyone visiting it. Its architecture, museums and art will make you live a wonderful cultural experience. As the streets in the city centre are mainly pedestrian, all the itinerary you are about to discover can be easily done walking. I’ll show you my list of 8 places to visit in Florence. Read more.

milanLet me guide you to start exploring Milan, the world capital of fashion and shopping. But make sure you do not miss its stunning architecture and the best spots to admire it! Many wonderful experiences are waiting for you in this amazing city. Read more.


bolognaLa dotta, la grassa, la rossa. The learned, the fat, the red. Three adjectives that describe the best qualities of Bologna: its university, traditional food and the colour of its buildings. A wonderful visit for a weekend, where you will discover a not so touristy city. Perfect to discover Italian essence! Read more.


veniceVisiting Venice and not emptying your pockets is possible! Although Venice can be one of the most expensive cities in Italy, you can fully enjoy it without breaking the bank. Let me show you all tips and trick to explore Venice without spending too much! Read more.